ADA Information

Before the Race & Getting There

What if I purchased the wrong ticket type and I need to exchange for an accessible ticketing option?

If you purchased the wrong ticket type and need to exchange for an area with accessibility, please email [email protected] your confirmation number and (ideally) a screenshot of the tickets that you have been assigned. We will facilitate an exchange if an accessible space is available within the same viewing area. If that area is sold out, we can offer options for exchanges. Please email [email protected] for all ticketing questions.

Will there be accessible parking at the festival?

The NASCAR Chicago Street Race ’23 is being held in Grant Park. The park does not offer parking of any kind within its grounds. There are several parking facilities nearby, off of S. Michigan Ave. Every public and private parking facility will have accessible parking spaces for those vehicles that have an accessible parking placard or plate. Fees vary for these parking facilities.

Public transportation within the city of Chicago also provides multiple stops near Grant Park. Stops at: Michigan and Jackson & Michigan and Washington are closest to the main entrance to the festival, this is located at Butler Field at the intersection of E. Monroe St and S. Columbus Dr.

Information on RTA Chicago bus routes and stops can be found here: RTA CHICAGO

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Is there an accessible pick-up and drop-off point?

Yes, there will be. We are currently finalizing the location. Check back soon!

Is there an accessible entrance through security and the main gates?

Yes, there is an accessible entrance or “Access Lane” for patrons with disabilities. This will be located on the far-left lane at each gate. Look for the universal symbol for accessibility:

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After You Arrive at the Event

Where do I go to find out about accessibility services at the event?

Guest Services, Info and the Access Center for guests with disabilities will be located within Fan Plaza immediately to your right after entering the gates.

We will be available for the entirety of the event, from gates open to close, 9:00 am CST to approximately 10:00 pm CST.

What if I need assistance with accessibility when I am already at the event?

If you are enjoying the festival and find yourself in need of assistance with accessibility, please go to any Box Office, Info or Guest Services booth or security staff with a radio. NASCAR staff will be able to reach the Access Team to meet with you or guide you to the service you are seeking.

Will there be an accessible golf cart shuttle service at the event?

For the safety of all our guests, there are no vehicles allowed within the park, with the exception of emergency vehicles.

NASCAR’s Access Team has created multiple accessible pathways to allow ease of travel for guests with disabilities, including lifts for crossing the track.

A resource map for Access Services will be posted soon, check back!

Can I bring my motorized scooter or mobility device to the event?

Guests are welcome to bring their own wheelchairs or electric convenience vehicle (ECV), three wheeled scooters for their personal mobility assistance across the property and into the grandstands for access to view the event for accessible seating. Examples of ECVs are: Hoverround, Jazzy and Rascals. If you have a specific question about the mobility device that you use, please email [email protected] with a photo of the device.

Also, manual mobility aides such as crutches, knee scooters and walkers are allowed. Please note that all devices, motorized or manual, will still be subject to a respectful security screening as you enter the park. The Accessible Entrance lane at the gates will be located at the far left of each gate, look for the universal symbol for accessibility – the wheelchair.

If I use a mobility device, how will I get around the park?

NASCAR’s Access Team has created multiple accessible pathways to allow ease of travel for guests with disabilities, including lifts for crossing the track. The map will be available at the Access Center when you enter the festival and online soon!

Is Grant Park accessible for a person in a wheelchair, for example?

Grant Park has many permanent ramps in place to make the park accessible. In addition, NASCAR wants every patron to be able to enjoy all aspects of the event and has built lifts and ramps for the areas that do not already have them.

These features will be clearly marked on an Access Patron Map available at the Access Center and it will be online soon!

Are there accessible seating areas in GA for people in mobility devices to watch the race?

Yes, we are currently finalizing the plans for these areas. They will be noted on the Access Patron Map available at the Access Center and also updated soon on the website.

Is there an accessible viewing area for people that use mobility devices so we can see the musical performances?

NASCAR wants every guest to enjoy the show. There are a multitude of accessible viewing options for the race. There is also an Accessible Viewing Platform that is located at Lakefront Green for those patrons that use a mobility device. This space is limited so it is first come, first served. You can get more information about the platform at The Access Center which is located immediately to your left in Fan Plaza after entering the festival.

Can my family sit with me on the Accessible Viewing Platform or other accessible areas?

Patrons seeking to use accessible seating or the Accessible Viewing Platform are welcome to have companions with them. We ask our guests to be mindful of each other when having companions seated on the Accessible Viewing Platform with them, as space is limited. That being said, no families with minor children will ever asked to be separated. Other accessible areas will also have seating for companions. Please note that appropriate tickets need to be purchased for each person wishing to accompany you. Please stop by the Access Center for more information.

Are there accessible restrooms at the race?

Accessible restrooms are available at each location where standard-sized restrooms are provided. You will find that some of these accessible restrooms will have locks on them. Our Access Team recognizes the need to ensure clean restrooms for our guests with disabilities and will lock some of the units. Please go to the Access Center upon entering the festival for more information and lock codes.

Can I bring my service animal with me to the race?

NASCAR welcomes all fans, including those that experience our event with the assistance of a Service Animal. Service Animals have been trained to perform one (or more) specific task(s) for the person with a disability that it serves. Emotional Support or Therapy Animals are not allowed into the festival for the safety of all of our guests.

A few notes about bringing your Service Animal to the event:

1.) When passing through the gates you will receive a short screening by security or Access Staff. You will not be asked for any documentation. A band will then be placed on the collar or harness of your Service Animal. This band is purely a visual alert to all of our staff that you have been already been screened and ensure that you are not stopped and asked multiple times in the different areas of the event.

2.) Your Service Animal must always remain with you.

3.) Your Service Animal must be under your control at all times and have a collar or harness and lead.

4.) If (for some reason) your Service Animal displays unsafe behavior of any kind, we reserve the right to ask you to remove the animal.

5.) There will be Service Animal Relief Areas around the event. Please stop by the Access Center for locations.

6.) If you have any other further inquiries regarding your Service Animal, please email [email protected]

I noticed that outside food is on the list of prohibited items, what if I have specific dietary needs or medical condition that requires special food?

Please bring a reasonable amount of any specific nutritional items that you need to enjoy the show safely. Please email [email protected] for more information and too coordinate this will the Access Program Director.

What if I have medication that needs to be refrigerated while I am at the race?

Please email [email protected] to coordinate this with the Access Program Director

I am a person on the spectrum or will be enjoying the race with a person who is on the spectrum, will there be an area for us to rest and decompress?

Yes, there will be a “Sensory Space” at the race. We are still planning the best location, check back for more details.

Will there be ASL Interpreters provided for the musical performances?

NASCAR wants all of our guests to feel welcome and have access to the entertainment that we have scheduled for this event. ASL Interpreters will be provided for the musical performances and also available throughout the day for language access as needed. Our ASL Interpreters are certified and seasoned professional performance interpreters.

Also, the ASL interpreters will be available at Grant Park for any interpreting needs, should you want to visit one of the many sponsor booths.

In the event of an emergency, interpreters will be provided on-site. Please stop by the Access Center upon arrival to get more information.

What if I am Hard-of-Hearing and prefer to use lipreading for my personal language access?

You are more than welcome to use the ASL Viewing Area as well. Stop by the Access Center when you arrive at the festival for more information.

Will there be ALDs (Assistive Listening Devices) available at the race?

NASCAR will have ALD's for patrons that would like to use them to access the musical performances. Please stop by the Access Center upon entering the festival for more information and check-out. Closed Captioning will be provided for ceremonies on all screens as well for award ceremonies.

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